Where can I get a SIM card?

We have many options for getting a SIM. You can view all of the options here: TripleTel.com/getsim

Do you have E-SIMS?

Yes, we have E-SIMS! You can order an E-SIM here: TripleTel.com/getsim

Which networks does TripleTel use?

Our SIM cards connect to the following 3 major networks: Partner, HOT Mobile and Pelephone.

Can I use my regular USA number that I currently use in America?

You can set up "call forwarding" to the USA number that we provide. Keep in mind that this has nothing to do with our service and is between you and your USA network. Make sure to set up call forwarding just before leaving the USA.

Can I port my Israeli number?

Yes, as long as you are the owner of the line directly with the network. If you use and pay an agent company, you must first request from them to release the line for porting.

Can I port my USA number to TripleTel?

Yes, we can port your USA number. There is a one-time 99 shekel fee for doing this port. Keep in mind that when the number is ported, your USA service will be terminated.

Can I get a Canadian number?

Yes. After activating a SIM and receiving a USA number, please request via email to switch your USA number for a Canadian number. Please specify if you prefer a Toronto or Montreal area code.

Can I activate a sim card that was cancelled?

Yes. Use TripleTel.com and click on "I have a sim card, activate now!". Keep in mind that you will get new phone numbers. We do not save canceled phone numbers.

Can I freeze my line?

Yes, you can login to your account online via TripleTel.com/login and freeze your account. It is ten shekels per month while your line is frozen