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  • SIM Cards cost a one-time 49 Shekels each (approx $13.75)
  • SIM cards can be kept for all future activations.
  • SIM cards are triple-cut with all 3 sizes included (nano, micro, standard), so there is no need to specify which phone model you have.
  • SIM cards do not come with any monthly plan. You can only activate a plan after receiving your SIM card.

Total cost in Shekels: ₪0.00

We will contact you for custom pricing.


  • It is your obligation to make sure that your phone is unlocked and compatible.
  • Refunds will not be given due to the fact that your phone is not unlocked.
  • In general, all Verizon 4G phones (Galaxy S3 and up and iPhone 5 and up) are already unlocked.
  • ATT, Sprint and T-Mobile phones are LOCKED and you must get them unlocked.
  • Please contact us via email at if you are not sure about your device.

You are only paying for each SIM card ordered.
You are not paying now for any monthly plan.


Please take a moment to review your order.

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